SUNSHINE TRAILER started from a dream that became a vision and this vision became a reality. A special idea-conception, lovingly transformed an old, abandoned horse trailer, into something totally new and innovative so as to frame each one of your important events, shining a unique light to it.

It is fully autonomous with electricity, running water, fridges and insulation, as well as many storage spaces. Additionally, there is
the possibility of choosing the vintage electrical appliances and other equipment that you need, through a complete range.

Public Events

Festivals, Bazaars, Info kiosk, Christmas markets, Food markets, Anniversary events, Exhibitions, club events, sports events.

Wedding / Baptism

Bachelor/ Bachelorette, Wedding proposal, Pre-Wedding Party, Wedding Party, Beach Party, Anniversaries, Themed Photo shooting, Welcome Drinks, Catering Stand, Dj stand/booth

Daily Getaways

Yoga Retreats, Massages, Picnics, Movie Screening, Trips, Ski resorts, Surf camps